Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vacation Plan to Myrtle Beach

Today I and my girlfriend are planning to travel to a beach for the next month vacation. But this time I want to be different from the usual, for this time holidays I want to feel more romantic between us.

The first thing that we do is to look for information in accordance with our wishes and our existing budget. One option that appears is a vacation to Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach is a very romantic beach that located in South Carolina - United States. The place is not too far from Myrtle Beach International Airport, so accessing to the beach is not too difficult.

After us both believe in our choice, then the next step we started to select Myrtle Beach Resort providers at there. This is necessary because we want to make a holiday schedule with a neatly organized. After looking for more information on Google and some acquaintances, we found some Myrtle Beach Resorts Agency that match with our needs; it is the Prince Resort Hotel. Prince Resort has been affiliated as a member of MyrtleBeachSeasideResorts.com.

According to some of my friends, they told that Prince Resort is providing the best Myrtle Beach Accommodations. Some special facilities that they offer are a spacious hotel room with a super-wide bed size (King / Full-Sizes), plus with a friendly employers and position of the hotel that’s located on Myrtle Beach Seaside it’s help makes more stronger romantic atmosphere when night falls.

We think that our choice seems appropriate and may also meet with you. Please refer to their service and directly read Prince Resort Services on their web page http://www.princeresortonline.com and let me know if you also take a holiday there next month.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gold as an investment alternative with artistic value

A few days ago I talked with my partner about choosing the right investment. Some of these options fall on short-term investments and long term. For the short term, the best option is fall in the savings bank deposits. As for the long term, we prefer the stocks, houses and land. However, there is also a form of investment that is quite unique. Unique because, in addition we invest while we also have an extra artistic values of the investment object. You want to know whether these forms of investment?

Gold as Artistic investment

Gold is a precious thing that comes from nature that has a beauty and rarity value. This is what then makes this items desired by all people. Since the time of the Aztecs culture, the pharaoh from the past. Gold is often used as a means of payment as well as jewelry. Gold also represents a form of wealth, pride and beauty.

Back to the subject of investing. Gold investment is considered a sensible alternative because the price of gold tends to rise every year. In addition, gold can also be used if we are shaped as an ornament. The point is you will still be able to use your gold jewelry as well as invest for the future.

Which Gold is the most suitable for investment?

As we know that gold is sold in the market have various types. All that is depends on the level of each gold contains. Gold that is generally used as the gold jewelry is not purely gold or in other words, this gold is mixed with other metals to be more easily shaped into beautiful jewelry.
So which gold is purely gold? the answer is the gold that which had levels of 100%. Pure Gold was used as a suitable investment for resale value cause its much expansive than gold jewelry. Pure gold is generally shaped into coin or gold bullion.

For this gold coin, you should be more careful in buying. Since not all the gold coins or gold bullion in circulation actually have levels of 100%. Pure gold is the best, pure gold usually issued by the manufacturer or dealer that is believed to evidence of certification of the trusted gold agency.

So how to buy gold coin for your investment ? You can ask the people closest to you who already know this in advance or can ask the seller of gold that you trust. In addition, I also would recommend a website, so you can make a reference in the Gold Coin buying guidance for your investment. The website is: http://www.goldcoinsgain.com. They have been known for a long time and experience in sales, distribution and consultation around gold. Beside of that, you can directly purchase gold bullion or coin by them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Important Note to choose TV Provider that's fit for you

The progress of technology and multimedia world has brought us a step further. Especially is in television programming media. Various providers and broadcasting methods have evolved for ease of TV services. Looking to the past, where television service providers broadcast is still very little and use the analog method uses UHF/VHF frequency band and others. At that time, user does not have much choice and fell in just a few options.

Currently, the Internet and technological advances have brought satellite television industry began to flare up from lethargy. Many innovations created to provide better services and more satisfied users. For the moment, recorded several TV services are in great demand, namely: Satellite Directv. The technology was judged better in providing video images and sound. In addition, because using the transmitting satellite method their coverage is wider region and easily in its installation.

Even so, day after day, the service provider Direct TV Satellite began to emerge and compete to win customers. Customers are often confused in determining their choice, so that often leads to waste of subscription fees. Therefore, I will give you a few ways you can look at before choosing Satellite Direct TV service that suits for you.

The first thing you should ask is a matter of price and service. Also, ask whether you can choose only some program that you want to enjoy. This is important, because it really is not all you need to enjoy the program. And this will relate directly to your monthly fee.

One source that you can make the choice is http://mytvoptions.com/. With them you can determine the choice of service you want to take. Type of broadcast, programs even the video quality according to your budget.

Hopefully this article can help you determine the Direct TV service you want to take.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Addams Family Online Tickets Offer

On May 11, 2009 Nathan Lane started to brings “Addams Family” into theater. The Addams Family will be on any Broadway theaters. The Addams Family was created by great New York Cartoonist “Charles Addams” that trying to show people the weird and wonderful of Addams family.

Nathan as the Show’s producers will be play as Gomez and Bebe Nuewirth as Morticia. The show will be fully featured with musical instrument and lyrics. As we all know that The Addams Family show are the one of many show that having success in theater world. Their ticket is always sold out thanks to their many fans out there. The next show will be held on Ford Center of Performing Arts Theater that in IL Chicago and next is in Lunt-Fontanne Theatre at New York City.

If you are one of their fans or want to know how they performing at live, you can get The Addams Family tickets at www.acheapseat.com. It’s one of the Online Ticket Broker that trusted to be providing so many live premium tickets. You can order their ticket for you and your family earlier by using their online service. Not only that, they will give you a very competitive ticket price for the premium show. It’s easy and it’s online.

Acheapset.com also cooperates with JACOBS THEATRE TICKETS, and always gives you great deals for any Jacobs’s premium tickets every day. There’s also ticket available for High school musical tickets offer for you. So start write the url or just click the link above to find your tickets online right now.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Best offer for Your Satellite TV on October 2009

Hello readers, how are you today? I hope we all are OK. It’s nice to meet you again in this lovely blog, the arts blog. I’m so sorry, because I did not update this blog for some time. It’s because my offline works has consuming my time more.

In today post, I still talk about direct satellite TV information. It’s almost similar to some of my previous posting but this time I will talk a little different.

If in the previous postings I’m still talking of how the shape and benefit from using the direct satellite TV. This time I want to inform you that, one of the best service providers for satellite TV is giving you some very attractive direct tv offers.

Some of them are:

# Free Shipping & Free Professional Installation with [Promo Code: "SHIP"]
If you are using the Promo Code, you will get their free shipping & Installation for your Direct TV Satellite. I think it was the best opportunity for people that want to use Satellite TV but having trouble in shipping. Plus, you will get their professional Technicians to install the equipment and set your TV modem.

# DirecTV HD is supporting more than 130 channels
For now, DirecTV is become the well known provider in Satellite TV. They have more than 130 (130+) channels for people choose. It’s starting from news, sports and others. The picture quality is the best option because they already using the HD technology. So it can display the more clear and colorful video.

Although this best quote is in very limited offers, but you can get it right now by contacting them via phone service at 866-615-9907

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Learning the art of Blogging

Nowadays, having a blog is just like a simple mouse clicks. People that usually called a Blogger are oriented to be a writer then the administrator for the site. Yaps... a blog is just like a website, but it's more personal and posting oriented. People usually use blog to write a journal in his life.

In the net, CMS or Content Management System is more powerful and more known by the blogger. More engine and provider are running the market, there's a free or paid. All of them are trying to give the quality and make blogger easier.

Having a blog site is just like having a virtual home. People will come from all sources to see or read your blog. Especially, if your blog is talking about good info with good content. Just like a house, blogger usually prepared their blog layout to be as pretty as possible. They are usually using a blog theme that many other sites are giving it for free or paid. The more good looking of your blog, the more visitor will come back to you site. It’s obvious, cause people will feel comfortable if they enjoying reading with good layout of blog and crowded with good ornament.

Blogging is one of arts ... its art of writing and its art of designing.

Using CMS and individually host your own blog is more advance and easier to customize. It's make the blogger become the real admin and have full control to make his blog become more attractive. There’s more then thousand of hosting provider in internet. But you must filtering and trying to find the best web hosting that suitable to you. It’s not so difficult to find it, because, there's also blogs or site that give you reviews about blogging, designing, hosting and helping you to maintain it.

For the beginners, it's also important to know about basic information about blogging, customizing and hosting terms. This step is a must because lot of blogger doesn’t care about it and then they get stuck in their problem and hardly to find trouble shoot for the cases.

So blogger … please remember that being a blogger is more than writing, but you must to know what was it and how to improve it. That’s why you need to know the art of Blogging.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Madonna Biceps and Muscles, Is it a Work out for Art?

I don’t know if you agree with me or not, but as you can see what happen to Madonna Muscles today. She is looking very thin, and like some one who have a dehydration illness.

I’ve read similar post around the web, about Madonna Biceps or Madonna Muscles along with Madonna Pictures, it is really shocking me out. How could be this happen to her, it is what she really wants or she just to push on her self on body work out.

Some people are making their own opinion, according to them, Madonna are going too far with her ambition on work out. They can imagine how Madonna will perform if she still on this conditions. Some fans are start disappoint with her change. While looking Madonna Photos that showing of Madonna Biceps and Muscles, you will see that, how actress as popular as Madonna will do anything to make her ambitions. Including makes him suffer, I don’t know … but I hope she on responsible thinking whit her choice.

But, little part of my mind is thinking an Arts look of her body. I know it’s so thins, but there’s an Art feeling if you looking closely with her Muscles. It showing how really people look in reality that bones are contrast came out. I think Madonna will have change to get Best of the Best Awards (BoB Awards) for the thinness actress of the year, ha-ha … just joking.

By the way, for all readers I want to enter a blog award contest for this year, so if you like this post, Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Get your Seat in Cheap

When people are talking about Art Concert, it will make me very exciting. As the biggest fan of Arts, I love to watch every time I got chance. I don’t know, I just feeling very happy if I’m watching an arts thing in my life.

There is lot of place where a concert usually being held. For accommodate a huge visitor, usually the EO or event organizer using a large hall such us: park, field, stadium, baseball field etc.

My biggest problem is about ordering the ticket and finding the best seat to watch. In usually concert I’m usually didn’t have any problem, but if it’s about great artist especially Key Arena Tickets. It will be a hard deal for me. I’ve been looking around and try to find the quickest way to order the seat. Even it will make me will pay more expansive.

The places that I’ve been go for watching a concert is the Target Center and Citizens Bank Park. The places are usually used by common artist and ball match. As the place that EO usually used it makes the price of the tickets is become hardly to order and more expansive by time after time.

The good new is I finally got and information about a site that helps people like me to solve they problem and get their ticket and seat in fastest way and with cheap prices.

So it was so help full to have some third party that holding as the tickets seller for people that can’t reach the time. You can get more info and maybe you can order the Target Center Tickets and Citizens Bank Park Tickets on acheapset.com. It was an online third party reseller site that helps people to get the seat for low prices and quick. It is very good for people that have not much time to hunt the tickets.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Feeling About Swine Flu

This post is not mentioned an Art object but more likely my deep feeling about new disease call Swine Flu. I hope the Government will find the way out for this problem A.S.A.P.
Last year I was shocked about Bird Flu that comes up on the news and makes people are all afraid to go out and do their usual duty. That bird flu has killed hundred people, especially child and baby in large amount on china and Asia. The Bird Flu disease is having exactly the same with other flu but lot more danger. Your temperature will getting higher, your body will getting weak and lazy, and if you not get the fastest treatment you could be died. Not so exited because the flu is having gone for a while. But there's come another disease that more powerful and more danger.

The Swine flu is getting big headlines in any news both online or offline. Just like I see on Direct TV Sat, The spread are all over America and run so fast to Asia and Australia. The epidemic is so worse than we can think. This illness can cause death more bigger and stronger than the bird flu. Swine Flu or so known as the Pig Flu are attacking human in all over age. Not like the bird flu that always makes death in child or baby. The swine flu can reach an adult just like flu attack. There’s no anti virus for this H1N1 (swine flu medic name). WHO are try so hard to push America to find the cure as fast as possible. CDC, An organization that given a responsibility about this disease are still reviewing and watching, the spread of the flu. They are working twice harder than before.

When I turn on my TV and watch my new DirectTV, I see on the news that some aircraft are higher their guard for passenger that suspected as Swine Flu carrier. America government and other country that suspected has the flu are informed their citizen to use air breath protector for the virus. So it’s should be carefully to watch your environment and try to protect your family health by your self. By the way, if you like to watch the news update I recomended you to use a Satellite Directv to get clearly video channel and more news channel to watch.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Keira Knightley in the next Sci-fi Movie: Never Let Me Go

Director Mark Romanek will trust Keira Knightley to become Ruth for his next Science Fiction (Sci-fi) called Never Let Me Go. The Story has three parts of the movie, and each part is introducing one character. There’s Ruth, Tommy and also Kathy. The story is starting in a boarding school where they are studied and grown up there. They are educated by the teachers for producing various forms of art. The school is not so nice for the student, because it’s more likely a cruel school. But, behind all that, there’s a friendship are created by the three characters above.

As they being adults, lot of interact are happen. Ruth that’s played by Kiera Knightley is falling in love with Tommy and makes a relationship with him. Keira are performing very well for Ruth character. Ruth and Tommy are being a donator for arts and Kathy are being career woman. At the end of the movie, Ruth is died and hopes that Kathy can replace Tommy as her part. The novel is ended by the death of Tommy. And Kathy is still doing her inevitable fate as a donor completion for their old arts school.

The movie is adapted from great novel by Kazuo Ishiguro from British on 2005. And has been winning a lot award, and then get the best of the best awards for Science Fiction Novel in 2005 according to Time Magazine.

If this story is attractive for you "Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards" or in “BoB Awards”.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Watching an Art Concert on HD with Paid TV

Just few days ago, I’ve been watching an Art Concert on a TV. It was the Musical performance that we (me and my friends) watch. Luckily I was watching it with my friend at their house. He was using a Sat-TV. First of all, I was wondering how we will enjoy a Musical Concert if it just in TV. Cause as we know, it will be more cloudy if it’s see in live performance at Hall. But I’ve got totally shock. The Voice and the video are extremely awesome. So I ask my friend, what’s happen.

He told me that they were using Direct TV for their TV Channel. It was paid TV program that can provide you with a lot of channel from almost all of famous TV programs. We can say HBO, ShowTime, Starz and lot more. But the reason that we are enjoying the art musical performance is because Direct TV gives you a High Definition Videos for their programs. With HD DVR Receiver, you can get the better voice, sound and absolutely tremendous pictures or videos. All program are showed very nice and clearly.

For now, I will look after it. And really want that Direct TV on my own. If you like to know more about DirecTV you can visit their Directtv.com for deeply info. I hear about their new offer. Free Upgrade DVR, Free NASCAR program, Free 4 room Installation. Wow… its makes me even more shocked. Hahaha.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Get Cheap Seat for Arts Concert

Hi readers, it’s glad to see you again via this blog. Today I’d like to talk about Arts Concert. Everyone will looking forward for arts concerts isn't?. Watching your favorite actress singing or dancing in the stadium is one of enjoyment that you will never miss. A Concert usually do at a stage, it can be indoor or outdoor. Each of it has different atmosphere for the crowd. For a special event some of event organizers usually do this indoor. And they like to rent a building or stadium for this indoor event. In America there are many of famous building that usually rent for performing concerts and sport events. There are Madison Square Garden, Prudential Center, US Airways Center, Dodger Stadium and many more.

It’s been obviously known that the problem arrive when people want to watch a concert with big actress in it. The big problem usually is about ticketing or booking seat for the concert. A concert that usually performing a great and famous actress usually expansive and over booking. This kind problem are always happen if you late to make a booking.

I know that there are many informal agents that will sell the tickets with big prices. But I disagree with this thing. They usually buy lot of tickets in earlier days, and when the end of booking time, they will sell it with double or triple prices. Cause of that, in this post I want to give some advice and recommendation for you about this tickets and booking solutions.

Online Ticketing

Online ticketing is one of good solution for this time. It’s is simple and faster. It's simple because you can do booking the ticket from your private room and get special discount from many online promotions. It’s Faster, because you will provided by Trusted third party online booking with just few click of mouse.

For ticketing in the concert place above, one of the trusted site is acheapseat.com. From their site, you will find ticketing for : Madison Square Garden Tickets, Dodger Stadium Tickets, Prudential Center Tickets, US Airways Center Tickets and lot more place and events.

Read carefully what they sell !

There's not just one of site that providing this kind of solution online, (I will try to give you other info for this kind of sites but I will do it in the future post). You must read their offering promo carefully and slowly. I’m afraid some of them are just scam. Please remember, that much information in internet is not 100% trusted. So check and recheck about the site, and if you already find with your need, please use them as your primary online booking site.

I hope this article will give you some fresh information in getting cheap set of arts concerts.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Drawing the Art of Man Structure

A man body is dividing into many muscle and bone. Each part of that is structured with many forms. The Structure of Man usually visualization by muscle body just like a body builder person. Human body contains arts in it. But some people disagree about that. They thing its contain nudity or adult content. But I think its depending by how people see and realize it.

Drawing a man structure or man figure is one of challenging arts technique. Drawing the structure of man is one of arts too. Just like I say in above, human body constructions are divided by many muscle and bone, and each part of it are have different proportion and form. Human structure arts is usually use by many needed. For example are for arts drawing, muscle demonstration and conceptual arts, the conceptual arts are usually implementing this kind of arts.

If you want to learn how to drawing this kind of technique, you can learn it online by a website that usually talking about this skill. One blog/website that I would like to recommend to you is the structure of man. With this site you will find so many interesting info about how to drawing a man body. This blog is very good, because their clients are not only an individual but its classed to Hollywood productions. They were usually help to created an animation or man structured for many Hollywood movies. Lucas Film, Universal Pictures, Universal Studios and many more are few of their big clients.

So if you already interested with this kind of arts, you can start to surf the blog here: The Structure of Man.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

You’re TV Options for Living Room

Hi readers … yesterday I write about TV and its decoration in my previous article. In that article I write about maximizing your living room by finding suitable or replacement of your TV and its accessories. The biggest thing that comes to my mind is about the size and dimension of your TV. Yap, size and form is important for your living room decoration, But you must now that beside the form of the TV, cabling system and Channel subscription are important too. I hope you save it in your memory…

Okay …this time I will not talk about that anymore. Today I’d like to talk about “My TV Options”. What was that, what for? just go to next paragraph.

Wanted to get the best result in watching TV is everyone dreams. But for now, it could be come true if you’re using the best option for your TV. By using direct tv innovation you will be bring to another atmosphere in watching TV. You will be given with a lot of channel that provided by major and minor categories. From Sport, Movies, News, Entertainment, Music, Cartoon and many more. All of that will give it to you with HD quality picture and with small noise, it’s because DirectTV using Satellite technology receiver and transmission base. I think it’s your best TV Options for Living Room. Search the best of you're TV Options with TV Decisionator or find many TV resources.

So if you’re dreaming about enjoying your family time in living room. It’s and great option if you choose a directtv solution for your TV channeling and entertainment. Then you can fill free to maximize your small time with your Family or you alone.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Arts of Poker

Do you still remember the movie of Chou Yun Fa about gamblers? If not, you would remember it if I say “King of The Gambler”, ha-ha… I’m sure you know that. Well the movie was made with creativity so that the impressions of the gamblers are not so negative, and I think it is very cool and good movie to watch. And if you blend it to the drama and the plot, I think you will fill impatiently waiting for the next chapter.

Ok, one thing that was being my observation for this movie is how the actors played the game. He can play the card so attractively; I find that he was mastering the skill and the art of the gambling. And cause of that I might call the gambling is also an art. Art of gambling is the trick that you must be mastered in order to get successfully win many gambler games. And how you can be a master? You need to learn how the master played the games.

To be the art of gamblers, of course you have to learn how to play. Poker is one of the gambler games in the world of gambling. And it is a game that leads more to the skill, artistic play and strategy. There are many places for you to learn and mastering about the poker games, both online and offline. You could prepare with the online tutorial, it’s simpler and not cost to match. To be absorbed more easily, some providers also offering you their tutorial with video poker as their education advice. One of them that I know is video poker source; they are specifically guiding many tutorials especially poker games in the form of. You will find so much trick and tips there.

If you are interested, please check the source for video poker source for further information.

TV and its Decoration

Today I want to talk about TV. One important ornament in your house is Television. Because so important, then usually we give a special place for TV, example is in the living room, family room or lounge room.

Size is important. Therefore, the position for the placement of TV must be appropriate and suitable with the environment of the room. Problems often arise when related to the cabling. TV is an electronic device that need power and signal that coming from the antenna. So it will be require cable for the power and Antenna that broadcast the TV signals.

One best option can be utilized with a satellite TV subscription, such as DirectSatTV. Satellite TV is easier and simple Cabling for your TV. DirectSatTV has satellite TV partnering support that can be relied upon and help you in cabling problem, so that your TV room look more tidy. Make sure when they install it you ask to be made so neat and organized.

Oh ya, more than about the simple cabling, the service from DirectSatTV is also very interesting. They have many channels that you can watch, and also the video quality equivalent with HDTV. The offer price and the package are also very competitive, so if you interested with the complete information you can Visit their website here DirectSatTV.

After determining the shape and dimensions of TV and its accessories and the Channel, then you are ready to implement your TV room. Congratulations for your work.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gold Silver Metalic Art For Lotus

Hi everyone, this time I'd like to talk about Artistic on a Car. There's lot of way to bring an Art to your cars. Even so you need to preparing the matching thing about artistic that you like to implement to your cars. The wrong art can bring your car looks terrible. Ok, for this time we can talk about painting. The biggest part of cars is the body. And the painting is the first thing that many people will interest to look.

Today, I will give you some picture that I've got on Flickr.com. And the important things that you should see in the picture are the painting. Not sure about the truth about the real painting on the real picture, but maybe it's just the Picture editing only. But there's no matter, we are talking only about the colors combination. Please take a look:

Front Look


The Artistic expression is combining the HDR imaging with ink outlining and various shading to create an artificial impression for the Lotus. It's make a warm combination from Gold and Silver blend it with metallic.

I hope this article can bring another idea about painting your car, and makes it more artistic look.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

E-articles, arts for a non profit article directory

Do you ever have much difficulty in finding articles on the internet?

Honestly, even with the help of a search engine such as google.com, I still often get confused in the article that I really need. Because generally, search engines will do a search on the keywords that we input in the search box and find their connection to the web / blog is in their database. Most of Google will display many websites that they think have a connection with your keyword search. This is so confusing to ensure which website that we will surf. And it will take more of your time and internet bandwidth if you need to browse all of that. Hence, the article directory birth and answer the questions above.

With the article directory services, Internet users is expected to be able to share articles to others with more easily and centralized to a website that provides a place to share. Contents of the articles that we can share are variate in accordance with the general category. Here we can see about the story, comparisons, recommendations, case studies, and news that useful.

Nowadays, these kind of article directory services are growing and there are many website that providing the same service. Start from the paid to the free one. Each may be associated with the facilities that they provided. The free article directory, such as E-Articles.info certainly is the most appropriate options for people commoner like me or you. Using the free article directory services, we can sit and relaxed to read many articles or then try to submit articles. However, you can not send unsolicited articles, there are requirements that you must meet. The most fundamental is the article that you want to submit must be fresh, unique and have never been shown in the E-Articles or in the other article directories. In addition, the articles that you want to send must also arranged with well language, good grammar, good spelling and have good value of information that useful to other people.