Monday, April 27, 2009

Keira Knightley in the next Sci-fi Movie: Never Let Me Go

Director Mark Romanek will trust Keira Knightley to become Ruth for his next Science Fiction (Sci-fi) called Never Let Me Go. The Story has three parts of the movie, and each part is introducing one character. There’s Ruth, Tommy and also Kathy. The story is starting in a boarding school where they are studied and grown up there. They are educated by the teachers for producing various forms of art. The school is not so nice for the student, because it’s more likely a cruel school. But, behind all that, there’s a friendship are created by the three characters above.

As they being adults, lot of interact are happen. Ruth that’s played by Kiera Knightley is falling in love with Tommy and makes a relationship with him. Keira are performing very well for Ruth character. Ruth and Tommy are being a donator for arts and Kathy are being career woman. At the end of the movie, Ruth is died and hopes that Kathy can replace Tommy as her part. The novel is ended by the death of Tommy. And Kathy is still doing her inevitable fate as a donor completion for their old arts school.

The movie is adapted from great novel by Kazuo Ishiguro from British on 2005. And has been winning a lot award, and then get the best of the best awards for Science Fiction Novel in 2005 according to Time Magazine.

If this story is attractive for you "Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards" or in “BoB Awards”.

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