Monday, May 25, 2009

Get your Seat in Cheap

When people are talking about Art Concert, it will make me very exciting. As the biggest fan of Arts, I love to watch every time I got chance. I don’t know, I just feeling very happy if I’m watching an arts thing in my life.

There is lot of place where a concert usually being held. For accommodate a huge visitor, usually the EO or event organizer using a large hall such us: park, field, stadium, baseball field etc.

My biggest problem is about ordering the ticket and finding the best seat to watch. In usually concert I’m usually didn’t have any problem, but if it’s about great artist especially Key Arena Tickets. It will be a hard deal for me. I’ve been looking around and try to find the quickest way to order the seat. Even it will make me will pay more expansive.

The places that I’ve been go for watching a concert is the Target Center and Citizens Bank Park. The places are usually used by common artist and ball match. As the place that EO usually used it makes the price of the tickets is become hardly to order and more expansive by time after time.

The good new is I finally got and information about a site that helps people like me to solve they problem and get their ticket and seat in fastest way and with cheap prices.

So it was so help full to have some third party that holding as the tickets seller for people that can’t reach the time. You can get more info and maybe you can order the Target Center Tickets and Citizens Bank Park Tickets on It was an online third party reseller site that helps people to get the seat for low prices and quick. It is very good for people that have not much time to hunt the tickets.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Feeling About Swine Flu

This post is not mentioned an Art object but more likely my deep feeling about new disease call Swine Flu. I hope the Government will find the way out for this problem A.S.A.P.
Last year I was shocked about Bird Flu that comes up on the news and makes people are all afraid to go out and do their usual duty. That bird flu has killed hundred people, especially child and baby in large amount on china and Asia. The Bird Flu disease is having exactly the same with other flu but lot more danger. Your temperature will getting higher, your body will getting weak and lazy, and if you not get the fastest treatment you could be died. Not so exited because the flu is having gone for a while. But there's come another disease that more powerful and more danger.

The Swine flu is getting big headlines in any news both online or offline. Just like I see on Direct TV Sat, The spread are all over America and run so fast to Asia and Australia. The epidemic is so worse than we can think. This illness can cause death more bigger and stronger than the bird flu. Swine Flu or so known as the Pig Flu are attacking human in all over age. Not like the bird flu that always makes death in child or baby. The swine flu can reach an adult just like flu attack. There’s no anti virus for this H1N1 (swine flu medic name). WHO are try so hard to push America to find the cure as fast as possible. CDC, An organization that given a responsibility about this disease are still reviewing and watching, the spread of the flu. They are working twice harder than before.

When I turn on my TV and watch my new DirectTV, I see on the news that some aircraft are higher their guard for passenger that suspected as Swine Flu carrier. America government and other country that suspected has the flu are informed their citizen to use air breath protector for the virus. So it’s should be carefully to watch your environment and try to protect your family health by your self. By the way, if you like to watch the news update I recomended you to use a Satellite Directv to get clearly video channel and more news channel to watch.