Thursday, September 24, 2009

Learning the art of Blogging

Nowadays, having a blog is just like a simple mouse clicks. People that usually called a Blogger are oriented to be a writer then the administrator for the site. Yaps... a blog is just like a website, but it's more personal and posting oriented. People usually use blog to write a journal in his life.

In the net, CMS or Content Management System is more powerful and more known by the blogger. More engine and provider are running the market, there's a free or paid. All of them are trying to give the quality and make blogger easier.

Having a blog site is just like having a virtual home. People will come from all sources to see or read your blog. Especially, if your blog is talking about good info with good content. Just like a house, blogger usually prepared their blog layout to be as pretty as possible. They are usually using a blog theme that many other sites are giving it for free or paid. The more good looking of your blog, the more visitor will come back to you site. It’s obvious, cause people will feel comfortable if they enjoying reading with good layout of blog and crowded with good ornament.

Blogging is one of arts ... its art of writing and its art of designing.

Using CMS and individually host your own blog is more advance and easier to customize. It's make the blogger become the real admin and have full control to make his blog become more attractive. There’s more then thousand of hosting provider in internet. But you must filtering and trying to find the best web hosting that suitable to you. It’s not so difficult to find it, because, there's also blogs or site that give you reviews about blogging, designing, hosting and helping you to maintain it.

For the beginners, it's also important to know about basic information about blogging, customizing and hosting terms. This step is a must because lot of blogger doesn’t care about it and then they get stuck in their problem and hardly to find trouble shoot for the cases.

So blogger … please remember that being a blogger is more than writing, but you must to know what was it and how to improve it. That’s why you need to know the art of Blogging.