Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Madonna Biceps and Muscles, Is it a Work out for Art?

I don’t know if you agree with me or not, but as you can see what happen to Madonna Muscles today. She is looking very thin, and like some one who have a dehydration illness.

I’ve read similar post around the web, about Madonna Biceps or Madonna Muscles along with Madonna Pictures, it is really shocking me out. How could be this happen to her, it is what she really wants or she just to push on her self on body work out.

Some people are making their own opinion, according to them, Madonna are going too far with her ambition on work out. They can imagine how Madonna will perform if she still on this conditions. Some fans are start disappoint with her change. While looking Madonna Photos that showing of Madonna Biceps and Muscles, you will see that, how actress as popular as Madonna will do anything to make her ambitions. Including makes him suffer, I don’t know … but I hope she on responsible thinking whit her choice.

But, little part of my mind is thinking an Arts look of her body. I know it’s so thins, but there’s an Art feeling if you looking closely with her Muscles. It showing how really people look in reality that bones are contrast came out. I think Madonna will have change to get Best of the Best Awards (BoB Awards) for the thinness actress of the year, ha-ha … just joking.

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