Friday, January 30, 2009

Drawing the Art of Man Structure

A man body is dividing into many muscle and bone. Each part of that is structured with many forms. The Structure of Man usually visualization by muscle body just like a body builder person. Human body contains arts in it. But some people disagree about that. They thing its contain nudity or adult content. But I think its depending by how people see and realize it.

Drawing a man structure or man figure is one of challenging arts technique. Drawing the structure of man is one of arts too. Just like I say in above, human body constructions are divided by many muscle and bone, and each part of it are have different proportion and form. Human structure arts is usually use by many needed. For example are for arts drawing, muscle demonstration and conceptual arts, the conceptual arts are usually implementing this kind of arts.

If you want to learn how to drawing this kind of technique, you can learn it online by a website that usually talking about this skill. One blog/website that I would like to recommend to you is the structure of man. With this site you will find so many interesting info about how to drawing a man body. This blog is very good, because their clients are not only an individual but its classed to Hollywood productions. They were usually help to created an animation or man structured for many Hollywood movies. Lucas Film, Universal Pictures, Universal Studios and many more are few of their big clients.

So if you already interested with this kind of arts, you can start to surf the blog here: The Structure of Man.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

You’re TV Options for Living Room

Hi readers … yesterday I write about TV and its decoration in my previous article. In that article I write about maximizing your living room by finding suitable or replacement of your TV and its accessories. The biggest thing that comes to my mind is about the size and dimension of your TV. Yap, size and form is important for your living room decoration, But you must now that beside the form of the TV, cabling system and Channel subscription are important too. I hope you save it in your memory…

Okay …this time I will not talk about that anymore. Today I’d like to talk about “My TV Options”. What was that, what for? just go to next paragraph.

Wanted to get the best result in watching TV is everyone dreams. But for now, it could be come true if you’re using the best option for your TV. By using direct tv innovation you will be bring to another atmosphere in watching TV. You will be given with a lot of channel that provided by major and minor categories. From Sport, Movies, News, Entertainment, Music, Cartoon and many more. All of that will give it to you with HD quality picture and with small noise, it’s because DirectTV using Satellite technology receiver and transmission base. I think it’s your best TV Options for Living Room. Search the best of you're TV Options with TV Decisionator or find many TV resources.

So if you’re dreaming about enjoying your family time in living room. It’s and great option if you choose a directtv solution for your TV channeling and entertainment. Then you can fill free to maximize your small time with your Family or you alone.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Arts of Poker

Do you still remember the movie of Chou Yun Fa about gamblers? If not, you would remember it if I say “King of The Gambler”, ha-ha… I’m sure you know that. Well the movie was made with creativity so that the impressions of the gamblers are not so negative, and I think it is very cool and good movie to watch. And if you blend it to the drama and the plot, I think you will fill impatiently waiting for the next chapter.

Ok, one thing that was being my observation for this movie is how the actors played the game. He can play the card so attractively; I find that he was mastering the skill and the art of the gambling. And cause of that I might call the gambling is also an art. Art of gambling is the trick that you must be mastered in order to get successfully win many gambler games. And how you can be a master? You need to learn how the master played the games.

To be the art of gamblers, of course you have to learn how to play. Poker is one of the gambler games in the world of gambling. And it is a game that leads more to the skill, artistic play and strategy. There are many places for you to learn and mastering about the poker games, both online and offline. You could prepare with the online tutorial, it’s simpler and not cost to match. To be absorbed more easily, some providers also offering you their tutorial with video poker as their education advice. One of them that I know is video poker source; they are specifically guiding many tutorials especially poker games in the form of. You will find so much trick and tips there.

If you are interested, please check the source for video poker source for further information.

TV and its Decoration

Today I want to talk about TV. One important ornament in your house is Television. Because so important, then usually we give a special place for TV, example is in the living room, family room or lounge room.

Size is important. Therefore, the position for the placement of TV must be appropriate and suitable with the environment of the room. Problems often arise when related to the cabling. TV is an electronic device that need power and signal that coming from the antenna. So it will be require cable for the power and Antenna that broadcast the TV signals.

One best option can be utilized with a satellite TV subscription, such as DirectSatTV. Satellite TV is easier and simple Cabling for your TV. DirectSatTV has satellite TV partnering support that can be relied upon and help you in cabling problem, so that your TV room look more tidy. Make sure when they install it you ask to be made so neat and organized.

Oh ya, more than about the simple cabling, the service from DirectSatTV is also very interesting. They have many channels that you can watch, and also the video quality equivalent with HDTV. The offer price and the package are also very competitive, so if you interested with the complete information you can Visit their website here DirectSatTV.

After determining the shape and dimensions of TV and its accessories and the Channel, then you are ready to implement your TV room. Congratulations for your work.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gold Silver Metalic Art For Lotus

Hi everyone, this time I'd like to talk about Artistic on a Car. There's lot of way to bring an Art to your cars. Even so you need to preparing the matching thing about artistic that you like to implement to your cars. The wrong art can bring your car looks terrible. Ok, for this time we can talk about painting. The biggest part of cars is the body. And the painting is the first thing that many people will interest to look.

Today, I will give you some picture that I've got on And the important things that you should see in the picture are the painting. Not sure about the truth about the real painting on the real picture, but maybe it's just the Picture editing only. But there's no matter, we are talking only about the colors combination. Please take a look:

Front Look


The Artistic expression is combining the HDR imaging with ink outlining and various shading to create an artificial impression for the Lotus. It's make a warm combination from Gold and Silver blend it with metallic.

I hope this article can bring another idea about painting your car, and makes it more artistic look.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

E-articles, arts for a non profit article directory

Do you ever have much difficulty in finding articles on the internet?

Honestly, even with the help of a search engine such as, I still often get confused in the article that I really need. Because generally, search engines will do a search on the keywords that we input in the search box and find their connection to the web / blog is in their database. Most of Google will display many websites that they think have a connection with your keyword search. This is so confusing to ensure which website that we will surf. And it will take more of your time and internet bandwidth if you need to browse all of that. Hence, the article directory birth and answer the questions above.

With the article directory services, Internet users is expected to be able to share articles to others with more easily and centralized to a website that provides a place to share. Contents of the articles that we can share are variate in accordance with the general category. Here we can see about the story, comparisons, recommendations, case studies, and news that useful.

Nowadays, these kind of article directory services are growing and there are many website that providing the same service. Start from the paid to the free one. Each may be associated with the facilities that they provided. The free article directory, such as certainly is the most appropriate options for people commoner like me or you. Using the free article directory services, we can sit and relaxed to read many articles or then try to submit articles. However, you can not send unsolicited articles, there are requirements that you must meet. The most fundamental is the article that you want to submit must be fresh, unique and have never been shown in the E-Articles or in the other article directories. In addition, the articles that you want to send must also arranged with well language, good grammar, good spelling and have good value of information that useful to other people.